The two basic arrangements

1) “Leave the Driving to us”

This is our preferred method. You don’t pay anything up front, and we determine the best way to get the highest selling price on eBay. Frequently this means setting a low starting bid, but not always. It generally is a 7 day auction.

Since we work on commission, we want the item to sell well and our 10000+ auctions give us a sense of how best to achieve positive results. We will also sometimes decide to use an eBay Store rather than an eBay auction.

2) “You drive”

You set a starting bid and auction duration, and can use a “Buy It Now”. There is a $20 “pre-payment” for using this method. This pre-payment is applied against the commission if the item sells (i.e., it is not an additional fee). If the item does not sell and you take it back, Cash In Your Closet retains the $20 to help cover our costs.

Commission Structure (based on final selling price):

  • 50% of the first $500
  • 35% of any amount over $500

Our Commission Includes the Following Services:

  • Inspect, appraise and evaluate your items
  • Investigate sales history, set auction starting prices
  • Research specifications, features, etc.
  • Compose item descriptions
  • Professionally photograph items to eBay standards
  • Post listings on eBay and/or other internet sites
  • Monitor listings and field questions from buyers
  • Negotiate offers
  • Arrange payments
  • Storage, packing and shipping of merchandise

Fees we pay:

  • eBay listing fees
  • eBay final selling price fees
  • PayPal collection fees
  • Shipping and insurance fees

Automobiles and Boats:

  • handled on a prepaid cost of $450 for the listing, plus 1% of the selling price upon sale.

Questions to ask when considering doing it yourself or using another eBay Drop Center:

  1. What is your/their eBay Feedback Rating – While it doesn’t make much difference for an inexpensive item, many eBay buyers won’t bid for expensive items unless the seller has sufficient feedbackmore than 400 positives at 99.0%. We have received more than 9000 positives at 99.9%. Some of the local competitors are below 99%. Ask to see their negatives; it is public information and you are entitled to see it.
  2. Are you prepared to deal with fraud? – There are many ways that criminals “pay” for an item, receive it, and then the payment bounces; counterfeit money orders, forged cashier’s checks, fraudulent credit card chargebacks, etc. I know ways to protect myself, and in any case, I am assuming the risk of bogus payment; you are insulated from it.
  3. What is your/their experience – There is no substitute for experience on eBay. We’ve done around 10,000 auctions. This is especially important to ask about when considering using a franchise; it doesn’t matter how many auctions were done by all of the franchisees, what matters is how many were done by your local person.
  4. What do the auctions look like? – Look at some listings. Note especially whether the auctions provide sufficient and good quality photos. Note also whether the listings are more an advertisement for the Drop Center’s services than an auction for your item. Presentation makes a huge difference in gaining the trust of a buyer.
  5. Do you have the time to sell your own items? - Preparing an auction for eBay takes quite a bit of time, as does answering the emails, processing the payment, shipping the item, etc.*

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